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maxon motor 14.07.2017
How to find the right controller for your motor. Interview with our expert Daniel Hug. ………
maxon motor 13.07.2017
The invisible door opener. Read the story here: #elevator #doordrive #engineering #solution…
Micro Story

The first sterilizable drive system

maxon motor introduces the world's first steam sterilizable encoder ENX EASY. It is available in an incremental (1024 counts) and an absolute version (4096 steps) for diameters of 13 and 16 mm and is designed for 1000 autoclave cycles. The encoder can be integrated into the brushless drives ECX 13 and ECX 16 SPEED without increasing the length. When the gearheads GPX 13 and GPX 16 SPEED are added to the combination, engineers receive a fully sterilizable positioning system.
Expert Blog
Expert Blog873 views

Axis coordination: Balancing modularization and integration

Learn more about finding the right balance between modularization and coordination.
Urs Kafader
Urs Kafader Head of Training at maxon
A laser shows the way
Story797 views

A laser shows the way

Every surgical operation has inherent risks. New technologies help to minimize these risks, with robotic assistance in eye operations.
Maxon Inside
Maxon Inside672 views

Taking a closer look at blood

High-tech machines analyze human blood samples, detect coagulation disorders and thus help to save lives.
Twenty-twenty vision
Story1266 views

Twenty-twenty vision

While robotic assistance systems are available for most types of surgery today, eye surgery used to be an exception. A Dutch company has changed that.
Story717 views

Back on her own two feet

Paraplegics can learn to walk again through intensive training. To achieve this, they need strong will, time, and modern robotic mobilization equipment.
Innovation 484 views

driven – the maxon motor magazine

Experience maxon drive technology up close. Read exciting application stories, expert interviews and much more in driven, the maxon motor magazine.
Competition of the bionic athletes
Story798 views

Competition of the bionic athletes

At the first Cybathlon games, teams from all over the world showed how advanced prosthetics and assistive technology has become.
YouTube196 views

A new robot-assisted fracture surgery system

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Young Engineers Program
Young Engineers Program393 views

Arm rehabilitation device

A team at the University of Ljubljana wants to improove and build an enhanced version of an arm rehabilitation device.
Interview620 views

“It will be possible to integrate exoskeletons into clothes”

Professor Robert Riener from the ETHZ talks to us about his project - the Cybathlon.
Story688 views

Training robots revolutionize therapy

Wwo robotics engineers developed a new computer-controlled leg press, that was surprisingly effective in the rehabilitation therapy.
“I just want to walk, walk, walk”
Story1403 views

“I just want to walk, walk, walk”

Since a car accident Andre van Rüschen can no longer feel his legs. In spite of this, he still walks every day.
One wheelchair for all situations
Young Engineers Program1993 views

One wheelchair for all situations

Students at the ETHZ have developed a wheelchair that can climb stairs. Is this the future means of transport for persons with walking disabilities?
Getting a second grip on life
Story1083 views

Getting a second grip on life

The high-tech Michelangelo Hand prosthesis gives back quality of life to people who lose a hand.
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