The rover that cannot be stopped


There's just no stopping Opportunity. For more than fourteen years, the Mars rover has been exploring the red planet and travelled more than 42 kilometres. 

In January 2004, Opportunity and its twin rover Spirit landed on Mars. Both vehicles exceeded all expectations, as they were only designed to last three months. Spirit collected data for six years, his brother is still active today. Opportunity is a source of great joy to the scientists on Earth, even though it is starting to suffer from some old-age ailments. In January 2014, just in time for its ten-year anniversary, it found traces of water in the rock formations it was investigating at the Endeavour crater. And what's more: The data shows that several billions of years ago, this was the site of a lake, possibly with good conditions to support organic life.

At maxon motor, engineers are following Opportunity's journey closely. For the drive specialists played a large role in the solutions for the 43 required drives. Brushed DC motors by maxon are responsible for driving the six wheels, the steering mechanism, the RAT (rock abrasion tool), the robotic arm, the cameras, and other components.

Right now, Opportunity is stuck in a Mars sandstorm but NASA is optimistic that the rover will go back to work once again. 

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