Drives above the clouds

In passenger aircrafts, small electric motors are taking over many tasks that used to be performed mechanically or hydraulically. This is a rapidly growing trend. Welcome on board!

Air travel has become more and more common over the years with usage increasing annually. Prices are at a record low, and planes are becoming even more efficient – in part due to electric drive systems, which are replacing the old hydraulic systems. Several hundred drive systems are installed in every modern long-haul airliner these days. In the latest issue of our driven magazine, we show you where they are and how they work.

In this issue, we also ponder the question of how we will travel in the future. Read about five exciting trends in the aerospace industry providing some food for thought. And for those who would like to learn about sensorless control of brushless DC motors, we have a detailed technical report. These aren't the only surprises in this issue: After six years, driven is also getting a fresh, new look, check it out today!

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