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...if small electrical motors make a large contribution.

When we talk about Formula one cars then we usually talk about the massive horsepower of the engines. But most people probably do not know that these monster engines would not provide any power at all without the help of the little maxon DC-motors inside.



Our brushed or brushless motors drive gasoline and oil pumps to make sure that there is always the right amount of gasoline and oil at the right time. We are also involved in other applications like wind tunnel models etc. and mostly all Formula one teams relay on our products.

Formula one is an absolute high-tech industry and the engineers have to push the envelope all the time. As an engineer I like the challenges and special requirements (vibrations, temperature, shock) we get from these teams and paying a visit on-site is always a highlight. It goes without saying that failures are no option in this business and that is the reason why we get involved.

There are also other areas in the car racing industry where we are involved.

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