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title Run, dino, run...
text The Raptor walking robot, developed by researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) can run at up to 46 km/h. He is therefore the fastest two-legged walking robot in the world. The robot design was based on the model of a velociraptor dinosaur. Raptor is just under 50 centimeters in height and weighs just 3 kilograms. He can balance himĀ­self and jump over obstacles of up to 10 centimeters in height with ease. Each leg of the robot is driven by a brushless maxon motor. The drive systems consist of a high-performance EC-4pole 30, combined with a planetary gearhead GP 32 HP and an MR encoder. The controller consists of a maxon ESCON module 50/5. The robot was developed by Prof. SooHyun Kim, Prof. KyungSoo Kim, Prof. Daigil Lee, Dr. JongWon Park, Jinyi Lee and Jinwoo Lee.
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