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“A result of global collaboration”
Andrew Gibson Sales Engineer Show articles The IDX is a new compact drive consisting of a motor, … benefit from the new drive. Tags Drive Systems IDX Compact drive Industrial automation Author …
Challenges for the packaging industry
Here are some answers. Tags BLDC motor Gearhead IDX Compact drive Industrial automation Mechatronics … with a complete change of equipment. maxon IDX 56 Compact, efficient motors Increasing the …
Drive technology and integration: how much design freedom?
more demanding designers. Tags Drive Systems IDX Compact drive Mechatronics Motor controller … inside Vincent Systems prosthetic hand maxon IDX 56 M IDX: 20% more compact than its competitors … A new
New drive developments for autonomous agriculture technology
take into account to assist farmers? Tags IDX Compact drive Mechatronics Author Madeline … in equipment safety. The standard version of IDX motors has an IP65 protection rating. This means … on IEC
5 key points when motorizing an AGV
mind when motorizing an AGV. Tags Drive Systems IDX Compact drive Industrial automation Robotics … for applications in logistics. Although the IDX motor has a diameter of only 56 mm, its … that of a
IP65, IP67, IP68…What do protection ratings mean?
? Here's a brief answer to these questions. Tags IDX Compact drive Industrial automation Author … is particularly the case with motor units with IDX integrated electronics. For more demanding …
Growth in automation in e-commerce
to each stage of the chain– especially with the IDX compact drive for increasingly faster and safer … communication With or without electronics, the IDX 56M motors meet all the criteria, whether used
Intralogistics: AGV vs. AMR
A to point B, the comparison ends there. Tags IDX Compact drive Industrial automation Robotics … provide a faster return on investment. maxon IDX 56 M What about motorization? More sophisticated …
The future is AGV
the Top 3 highest growth markets for AGVs. Tags IDX Compact drive Industrial automation Author … the sector. With a diameter of just 56 mm, the IDX motor perfectly addresses the challenges … regular
Covid-19: Drive technology and physical distancing
interactions without dehumanizing them. Tags IDX Compact drive Knowledge Robotics Author Expert … DC motors, and also maxon motors with integrated IDX electronics are popular with this type of … I/O
Pharmacies automation & Drive technology
to this growing interest in automation? Tags IDX Compact drive Medical Author Expert maxon France … , and high-performance motor system, such as the IDX range of motors from maxon. First and
Why AGVs can be the solution in logistics
what challenges do they need to address? Tags IDX Compact drive Industrial automation Author … . The communication buses of motors from the IDX range are able to communicate simultaneously … range of
The fourth industrial revolution – changes and challenges
range of compact and modular motors. These IDX drive solutions meet the most demanding … solutions on the market. Mentioned products IDX 56 L, □56 mm, brushless, with integrated … view the comments
Speed or torque - or both ?
), or even immersion in an oil bath. EC-i, IDX External iron core winding with relatively high … i 52 available with open housing and ventilation IDX: square cross-section with integrated encoder in