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maxon motor 26.10.2016
We look back at the first Cybathlon. Read the full story here: #cybathlon #bionic………
maxon motor 25.10.2016
Competition of the bionic athletes #cybathlon #medtech…
Competition of the bionic athletes
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Competition of the bionic athletes

At the first Cybathlon games, teams from all over the world showed how advanced prosthetics and assistive technology has become.
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The perfect record player

Music lovers all over the world dream of having this jewel in their living room.
248 thousand
In 2015, industrial companies worldwide bought around 248'000 robots.
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“His name is Yochai”

Kate Darling – a robot ethicist at MIT - about emotional attachments to robots.
“Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy”
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“Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy”

Today, a world without robots to penetrate dangerous environments is virtually inconceivable.
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Back on their own two feet

Paraplegics can learn to walk again through intensive training. To achieve this, they need strong will, time, and modern robotic mobilization equipment.
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“It will be possible to integrate exoskeletons into clothes”

Professor Robert Riener from the ETHZ talks to us about his project - the Cybathlon.
3.7 million
maxon motor produced around 3.7 million drive units last year in six different countries.
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Training robots revolutionize therapy

Wwo robotics engineers developed a new computer-controlled leg press, that was surprisingly effective in the rehabilitation therapy.
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CAN: What is it and Why use it?

CAN offers a number of key benefits to engineers designing for limited spaces.
Biren Patel
Biren Patel Electronics sales
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Competition for bionic athletes

Parathletes compete against each other with state-of-the-art technology at the Cybathlon. There are six disciplines for motorized wheelchairs, arm and leg prostheses and exoskeletons, among others. The aim is to complete an obstacle course as correctly as possible. The time required is secondary. The Cybathlon will premiere in Switzerland on October 8, 2016. Around 80 teams from all over the world will take part. The idea behind it comes from the ETH Zurich, which by holding this event wants to break down barriers between people with disabilities, science and the public. More:
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The lifesaver

There are some situations where we wouldn’t mind being replaced by a robot.
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Inked to precision

The tattoo scene is driven by young artists who have little in common with the old stereotypes.
1961 year
maxon motor was founded 1961 under the name Interelectric.
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Ice core drilling - British Antarctic Survey

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