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maxon motor 07.12.2017
«Milling with high precision» #positioningcontroller #dcmotor…
maxon motor 06.12.2017
The delivery robots are coming - on the ground! #autonomousdriving #technology #future…
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The delivery robots are coming!

People look up at the sky and see more and more drones. Yet the breakthrough for delivery robots will take place on the ground.
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The high-tech baby that safes lifes

The chest of the tiny body slowly moves up and down, veins and arteries are visible under the thin skin. The heartbeat is regular.
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Swiss racing team wins with fastest driverless car
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Swiss racing team wins with fastest driverless car

In the Formula Student, student teams from all over Europe compete with their electrically driven race cars.
Guest Article
Guest Article208 views

Nature as prototype

Roland Siegwart professor for autonomous mobile robotics at the ETH Zurich about the next evolution in robotics.
Young Engineers Program
Young Engineers Program196 views

How to build an autonomous rover

Computer Vision. Rover. Humans. A not so daily combination.
Expert Blog
Expert Blog227 views

Ready for take off!

Electrical engineer Felix Herger on DC motors in aircrafts.
Felix Herger
Felix Herger Sales Manager
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driven: Start-ups change the world.

The current issue of driven – the maxon motor magazine – is all about new ideas. In "Making the future happen!", we take an in-depth look at four exciting startups, and two modern soccer robots.
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These robots crawl into every nook and cranny

It started as a project by two engineers who were close to retirement. Today, the modular inspection robots by Canadian company Inuktun are successfully in use all over the world.
One million
Roughly one million people worldwide use insulin pumps. There is a DC motor in every device.
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He is 4 years old and 1.40 meters tall, with a rather large head. He speaks fluent English and German. However, he can’t walk. He was last seen in Munich.
Extraordinarily commonplace
Story477 views

Extraordinarily commonplace

Although we rarely notice them, electrical drives are everywhere around us – at home, on our commute, at work, and even when we grab a kebab for lunch.
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This prosthetic leg is highly intelligent

Hiking, going cycling with friends. With the right prosthetic leg, amputees can once again lead an active life.
1069 robots
have broken a Guinness World Record set just last year for the "most robots dancing simultaneously" in China.
Young Engineers Program
Young Engineers Program527 views

For a precise descend of rockets

A Canadian team is participating in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition.
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