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Competition for bionic athletes

Parathletes compete against each other with state-of-the-art technology at the Cybathlon. There are six disciplines for motorized wheelchairs, arm and leg prostheses and exoskeletons, among others. The aim is to complete an obstacle course as correctly as possible. The time required is secondary. The Cybathlon will premiere in Switzerland on October 8, 2016. Around 80 teams from all over the world will take part. The idea behind it comes from the ETH Zurich, which by holding this event wants to break down barriers between people with disabilities, science and the public. More:
1961 year
maxon motor was founded 1961 under the name Interelectric.
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Inked to precision

The tattoo scene is driven by young artists who have little in common with the old stereotypes.
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On the heating of motors in hand-held tools

Motors operated at the rated torque limit can get very hot. But there are ways to avoid that.
Urs Kafader
Urs Kafader Head of Training at maxon
Power density in robotics - a question of torque
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Power density in robotics - a question of torque

Inspection robots for pipes and ducts, rescue robots in disaster areas, or humanoid robots – they all have one thing in common: They are mobile robots that aid humans. We explain some of their requirements for drive technology in detail.
“I just want to walk, walk, walk”
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“I just want to walk, walk, walk”

Since a car accident Andre van Rüschen can no longer feel his legs. In spite of this, he still walks every day.
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Guardians between two worlds

To breathe life into his mythological creature “Custos Cavum,” the artist relies on maxon motors.
2238 Employees
worldwide are part of the maxon family.
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Precious Metal vs. Graphite Brushes

Sales engineer Angelica Perzan on the two types of brushes for DC motors.
Angelica Perzan
Angelica Perzan Sales Engineer
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RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig

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Down to the smallest detail

Miniature trains do not just look like the originals, they are strong and can handle continuous operation.
4 mm
Diameter of our smallest member of the maxon motor family: the brushless DC motor EC 4.
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Brave new underwater world

Inside the Robotics Innovation Center in Bremen.
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On Mars since 2004

The NASA rover Opportunity landed on Mars in January 2004. It is still active today and has managed a driving distance of more than 42 kilometers. The rover was equipped with 35 maxon motors each. With a few modifications, the DC motors have no problem withstanding temperature fluctuations from −120 to +25 °C.
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1-Q vs. 4-Q controllers

Often times, customers will come to us asking for guidance on what type of controller they need for their application, and one of the many factors things to consider when recommending a controller would be whether it is a 1Q or a 4Q controller.
Biren Patel
Biren Patel Electronics sales
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