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maxon motor 19.03.2018
Bring This Robot to a Disco, and It'll Dance With You via @Futurism @ETH_en…
maxon motor 19.03.2018
Gardening on the Moon? Why not. Share and discuss your ideas for space! @myideaforspace……
The art of building a robot
Story288 views

The art of building a robot

Philip Norman used to be an architect and a painter. Then he made an invention that could prove to be a game-changer for the way robots are built in the future.
Story481 views

High-altitude wind energy from kites

A Dutch team is currently changing an entire industry. With a new method to make use of wind energy.
Expert Blog
Expert Blog1015 views

Brushed vs. brushless DC motors

Which commutation system is better?
Angelica Perzan
Angelica Perzan Sales Engineer
Story444 views

Get a move on, furniture!

Modular robotics is offering a wealth of new possibilities. A team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne has declared war on boring and static interior design.
Stepping it up a notch
Young Engineers Program448 views

Stepping it up a notch

Stairs are still unsurmountable obstacles for many robots. Yet a young team at ETH Zurich is building a vehicle designed to negotiate steps with ease – by hopping.
Story429 views

NASA is about to uncover the secret of rocky planets

To learn about Earth’s past, NASA scientists are turning their gaze to Mars. They send a robotic probe to take the Red Planet’s pulse and temperature.
Story1521 views

The high-tech baby that saves lives

The chest of the tiny body slowly moves up and down, veins and arteries are visible under the thin skin. The heartbeat is regular.
Expert Blog
Expert Blog456 views

Ready for take off!

Electrical engineer Felix Herger on DC motors in aircrafts.
Felix Herger
Felix Herger Sales Manager
The organic express of Lausanne
Story956 views

The organic express of Lausanne

The bikers of Plateforme Bio Lokal supply fresh organic vegetables to restaurants and bars – quickly and emissionfree. Even 200 kg of potatoes do not faze them.
Expertise423 views

Advantages and practical applications of high-resolution encoders

Which applications benefit most from high-resolution encoders?
Story125648 views

The delivery robots are coming!

People look up at the sky and see more and more drones. Yet the breakthrough for delivery robots will take place on the ground.
Young Engineers Program
Young Engineers Program878 views

How to build an autonomous rover

Computer Vision. Rover. Humans. A not so daily combination.
Swiss racing team wins with fastest driverless car
Story630 views

Swiss racing team wins with fastest driverless car

In the Formula Student, student teams from all over Europe compete with their electrically driven race cars.
Innovation226 views

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Expert Blog
Expert Blog540 views

From motor to drive system

Complete mechatronic drive solutions offer many advantages over individual components. Yet to reach the goal, some important questions first need to be answered.
Urs Kafader
Urs Kafader Head of Training at maxon
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