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maxon motor 24.02.2017
The maxon Young Engineers Program (YEP) supports innovative projects that use electric drive systems. Apply now!
Easy Rider
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Easy Rider

Snow, ice and sand are the natural enemies of many bikers. A trend from the USA in spite of these elements: fat bikes.
Expert Blog
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Axis coordination: Balancing modularization and integration

Learn more about finding the right balance between modularization and coordination.
Urs Kafader
Urs Kafader Head of Training at maxon
Expert Blog
Expert Blog1654 views

Why the industry needs new positioning controllers

Biren Patel, motion control engineering manager at maxon motor, talks about the company’s new EPOS4 next-generation positioning controllers.
Biren Patel
Biren Patel Electronics sales
Young Engineers Program
Young Engineers Program360 views

Active rear wheel steering

A formula student team from Germany wants to improve the handling and the overall driving stability of their race car.
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Staying on track

Driver assist systems in cars are instruments that can save lives. They include for example adaptive cruise control (ACC), brake assist systems, or lane departure warning systems (LDW). The latter warn the driver when he is about to leave the lane unintentionally. This is accomplished with various systems and computers that determine the vehicle’s position in the lane. When the car is in danger of leaving the road, the system activates an electric motor in the steering wheel that causes the wheel to vibrate, warning the driver. maxon motor is supplying a luxury car manufacturer with motors for this application. The base motor is the brushed A-max 16 (precious metal brushes, 2 W), modified for the application with an eccentric weight and a specified bearing.
A laser shows the way
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A laser shows the way

Every surgical operation has inherent risks. New technologies help to minimize these risks, with robotic assistance in eye operations.
Young Engineers Program
Young Engineers Program532 views

Omnidirectional robot for the Eurobot Contest

A team at ISAE-SUPAERO, the French graduate school for aerospace engineering, is developing a robot with three omnidirectional wheels to compete for the Eurobot Contest 2017.
50 maxon drives
will be aboard on the Exomars rover in 2020.
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On the road with the mechanical herd

A German artist group made moving mechanical animals from used bicycles. Now they are traveling throughout Europe with a herd of them.
Young Engineers Program

Join our Young Engineers Program

Get discounts, engineering support and promotion packages.
Maxon Inside
Maxon Inside338 views

Taking a closer look at blood

High-tech machines analyze human blood samples, detect coagulation disorders and thus help to save lives.
Five milliseconds
until a standard maxon brushless DC motor reaches 100.000 rpm.
Twenty-twenty vision
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Twenty-twenty vision

While robotic assistance systems are available for most types of surgery today, eye surgery used to be an exception. A Dutch company has changed that.
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Back on her own two feet

Paraplegics can learn to walk again through intensive training. To achieve this, they need strong will, time, and modern robotic mobilization equipment.
10 Billion
electric motors are manufactured each year worldwide.
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