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maxon motor 20.02.2018
Congrats little buddy! NASA’s Opportunity rover surpasses 5,000 Martian days on the Red Planet.……
maxon motor 20.02.2018
A team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology @EPFL_en in Lausanne has declared war on boring and static inte……
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driven: Start-ups change the world.

The current issue of driven – the maxon motor magazine – is all about new ideas. In "Making the future happen!", we take an in-depth look at four exciting startups, and two modern soccer robots.
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These robots crawl into every nook and cranny

It started as a project by two engineers who were close to retirement. Today, the modular inspection robots by Canadian company Inuktun are successfully in use all over the world.
One million
Roughly one million people worldwide use insulin pumps. There is a DC motor in every device.
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He is 4 years old and 1.40 meters tall, with a rather large head. He speaks fluent English and German. However, he can’t walk. He was last seen in Munich.
Extraordinarily commonplace
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Extraordinarily commonplace

Although we rarely notice them, electrical drives are everywhere around us – at home, on our commute, at work, and even when we grab a kebab for lunch.
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This prosthetic leg is highly intelligent

Hiking, going cycling with friends. With the right prosthetic leg, amputees can once again lead an active life.
1069 robots
have broken a Guinness World Record set just last year for the "most robots dancing simultaneously" in China.
Young Engineers Program
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For a precise descend of rockets

A Canadian team is participating in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition.
Expert Blog
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I have seen the future of robotics...

Felix Herger about his visit of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory.
Felix Herger
Felix Herger Sales Manager
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Once again, NASA relies on maxon drives

Swiss manufacturer maxon motor supplies several drives specifically developed for the MARS 2020 rover.
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Morphological approaches in medical technology

Kenneth Hunt, Professor for Rehabilitation Engineering at Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, speaks about robotic devices for clinical rehabilitation.
Journey to the sun
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Journey to the sun

Our knowledge about the Sun is still very limited. But this is about to change.
Expert Blog
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Encoder Selection – part three: Speed Control

Urs Kafader on how to choose the right encoder for your application.
Urs Kafader
Urs Kafader Head of Training at maxon
Young Engineers Program
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Participating in an international robot competition

A students team from Tunisia designed and built a two wheeled robot for the EUROBOT competition.
48 DC motors
from maxon are installed in the environmental control system of a Boeing 787.
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