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maxon motor 17.08.2017
This company is taking showering to the next level :) #engineering #technews #maxoninside…
maxon motor 17.08.2017
SpaceX CRS-12: Dragon capture, 16 August 2017 via @YouTube
31 Million
robots helping in households worldwide by 2019, a report by the International Federation of Robotics says.
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Colossus with feet of analog technology

A reverse steam locomotive in the digital new world. Author Michael Funk, academian and PhD candidate, essayist and writer about the digital new world.
Hidden resources
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Hidden resources

The surface of the ocean conceals many secrets – unexplored depths and precious resources. To find resources, a Norwegian company has developed a technology for scanning the bottom of the ocean in greater detail.
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The first sterilizable drive system

maxon motor introduces the world's first steam sterilizable encoder ENX EASY. It is available in an incremental (1024 counts) and an absolute version (4096 steps) for diameters of 13 and 16 mm and is designed for 1000 autoclave cycles. The encoder can be integrated into the brushless drives ECX 13 and ECX 16 SPEED without increasing the length. When the gearheads GPX 13 and GPX 16 SPEED are added to the combination, engineers receive a fully sterilizable positioning system.
1939 First appearance
The first humanoid robot was presented in 1939. Elektro could speak 700 words and was seven feet tall.
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Inked by maxon motor

Felix Herger on why many tattoo machine manufacturers want DC motors from Switzerland.
Felix Herger
Felix Herger Sales Manager
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The lifesaver

There are some situations where we wouldn’t mind being replaced by a robot.
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Develop a controller on your own?

Developing a controller for your application may seem like an easy thing to do and a cost effective option. But is it?
Juergen Wagenbach
Juergen Wagenbach Motion Control Specialist
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Looking for thousands of exoplanets

Astrophysicist Sara Seager has dedicated her life to the search for exoplanets.
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This arm lends a strong hand

A collaborative robot takes care of the heavy lifting.
Europe is searching for life on Mars
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Europe is searching for life on Mars

Was there once life on Mars? Or does it perhaps still exist under the surface? The ExoMars rover may hold the key to solving this great puzzle.
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Active rear wheel steering

A formula student team from Germany wants to improve the handling and the overall driving stability of their race car.
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Axis coordination: Balancing modularization and integration

Learn more about finding the right balance between modularization and coordination.
Urs Kafader
Urs Kafader Head of Training at maxon
A laser shows the way
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A laser shows the way

Every surgical operation has inherent risks. New technologies help to minimize these risks, with robotic assistance in eye operations.
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