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Snow, ice and sand are the natural enemies of many bikers. A new trend from the USA in spite of these elements: fat bikes. These have tires up to 4.8 inches wide and air pressure of around 0.5 bar. And now also electric drives.



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Like so many trend and extreme sports, fat bikes and snow bikes come from North America. Alaska, Minnesota and New Mexico are typical fat bike regions. Snow, ice, sand or slush are elements which an average cyclist happily avoids. But not the fat bikers. The extremely wide tires and rims make air pressures of around 0.5 bar possible. The large support surface enables the driver to ride on even very soft surfaces without sinking.

There is also a lot of traction and low rolling resistance on  terrain. There is one drawback, however: Riding uphill with the fat bike is tiring – on account of the difficult ground conditions and the wide tires. And this is where a new solution comes in: high-torque electric drives. The Bikedrive provides more thrust It’s fun to ride in the snow with the right motor support. The same applies to fat bikes.

More fun in the snow with an fat bike with a strong motor. 

The Swiss rear motor with a robust planetary gearhead provides a lot of thrust on every surface

maxon Bikedrive – Technical details

Weight: 3.5 kg
Continuous torque: 25 to 30 Nm
Max. torque: 50 Nm
Efficiency: 85 percent

48-V lithium-ion battery with 360 Wh
Weight: 2.8 kg
Full power after two hours of charging
(70 percent after 60 minutes)

Range: 1,000 to 1,400 meters of elevation gain

Power grip
3 stages + Turbo Boost
Temperature monitoring with status LED


Motor support enables you to speed along the winter trails, negotiate every hump and even sometimes create a snow cloud with the back wheel. This raises the following question: Who needs this anyway? Finally, you could compare the fat bikes to SUVs – oversized for normal use. The answer: Fat bikes are for cyclists who simply want to stay independent in all weathers. As they say: Come what may. And a real off roader also needs a strong motor. Th e maxon Bikedrive, for example.

The Swiss rear motor with a robust planetary gearhead provides a lot of thrust on every surface. Thanks to the instantaneous acceleration, in boost mode with a torque of 50 Nm, you are equipped for every situation. The maxon Bikedrive can currently be installed in any fat bike with a 135 millimeter rear axle. These type of models are offered by the wellknown fat bike manufacturer Surely, for example.

For the latest information, go to: maxonbikedrive.com

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