Revival of Exhibitions


For a long time I thought that classical industrial exhibitions are a relic of a bygone era before e-medias started to take over. I was convinced, based on the declining visitors, that exhibitions would slowly but surely die out. But it seems that I was wrong. For a couple of years I notice that exhibitions, especially smaller specific exhibitions, enjoying increasing popularity. The number of visitors and the quality of the enquiries are increasing steadily. For me it proves that personal contacts are still one of the utmost importance in sales.

I always look forward to going to exhibitions and help to manage a stand. Of course, the days at exhibitions are long and exhausting but exhibitions are an unmistakable indication about the actual condition of an industry or branch. And exhibitions are the only place where you can meet customers and competitors at the same time. The next exhibition I am taking part is the MENE (Manufacturing & Engineering North East) in Newcastle ( which takes place 6th and 7th of July. If you like to meet me there I am at the stand from maxon motor uk ( and I look forward to meeting you.

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