Viva Technology – Viva Space!

During the Viva Technology show in Paris – the biggest technology & start up exhibition in Europe – maxon has been invited to join the “Viva Space” roundtable to share its experience in space exploration and sustainability.



Editor maxon HQ

The participants of the roundtable: Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impulse Foundation), Raphael Domjan (SolarStratos), Ersilia Vaudo Scarpetta (European Space Agency – ESA), Martin Aebi (SpacePharma), Luc Piguet (ClearSpace) and Martin Zimmermann (maxon).

"We love challenges that come with space projects. But we also want to push the limits of our drive systems for applications on Earth”, said maxon's CSO Martin Zimmermann during the talk. He continued: "We are very grateful to be part of the Mars mission and happy that our drives have been selected for the first Mars helicopter Ingenuity.  We used industrial standard products which we hade to customize to make them fit for the Mars adventure." 

Bertrand Piccard replied: «You are far too humble - you participated because you had the best product.»

Martin Zimmermann, CSO of maxon Group.

Table ronde Viva Technology - Viva Space !

Table ronde Viva Technology - Viva Space !
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