Inked by maxon motor


A few years ago, I was approached by a customer regarding the use of one of our small DC motors found in a tattoo gun. Honestly, I was puzzled and did not really believe there could be a potential market for us. But now I have to admit that I completely underestimated the market for tattoo guns. Today, we sell different types of brushed and brushless DC motors to tattoo gun manufacturers from all around the world.

Does it hurt less if a tattoo is made with a tattoo gun which is driven by a maxon motor? Probably not, but our drives are light and generate less vibration. This means the artist can do his artwork with higher precision and accuracy. Our efficient DC motors even enable cordless tattoo guns (see article).

Many tattoo machine manufacturers state on their website that they use maxon DC motors to emphasize the high quality standards of their product. It makes me proud to see this and I enjoy meeting with these customers when the opportunity presents itself. Many manufacturers of tattoo guns started their career as tattoo artists and some of them still run a tattoo studio. So, it is often an interesting experience for me to have a business meeting in a tattoo studio rather than in a boring meeting room.

By the way, no I do not have any tattoos.


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