Participating in the Eurobot competition


The Aerobotix Club from Tunisia designed and built a two wheeled robot for the international competition EUROBOT that took place in France, May 24-28, 2017. Eight engineering students from the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology in Tunisia were involved in this project.

In this competition, every participating team needed to design two autonomous robots and they were required to move from one position to another with a high level of accuracy. They also had to collect different objects, store them and retrieve them. In the rules of the competition, there were three kinds of tasks: collection, construction and an amusing action (the amusing action required the robot to throw an object in the air in the last 5 seconds of the game).

Team Aerobotix used two maxon DC motors to ensure the precise movement of the robot from one position to another. They also used a STM32F4 microcontroller for position control. 

The Aerobotix Club robot.
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