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maxon motor 19.03.2018
Bring This Robot to a Disco, and It'll Dance With You via @Futurism @ETH_en…
maxon motor 19.03.2018
Gardening on the Moon? Why not. Share and discuss your ideas for space! @myideaforspace……
The art of building a robot
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The art of building a robot

Philip Norman used to be an architect and a painter. Then he made an invention that could prove to be a game-changer for the way robots are built in the future.
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Get a move on, furniture!

Modular robotics is offering a wealth of new possibilities. A team at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne has declared war on boring and static interior design.
Stepping it up a notch
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Stepping it up a notch

Stairs are still unsurmountable obstacles for many robots. Yet a young team at ETH Zurich is building a vehicle designed to negotiate steps with ease – by hopping.
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The high-tech baby that saves lives

The chest of the tiny body slowly moves up and down, veins and arteries are visible under the thin skin. The heartbeat is regular.
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The delivery robots are coming!

People look up at the sky and see more and more drones. Yet the breakthrough for delivery robots will take place on the ground.
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How to build an autonomous rover

Computer Vision. Rover. Humans. A not so daily combination.
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Nature as prototype

Roland Siegwart professor for autonomous mobile robotics at the ETH Zurich about the next evolution in robotics.
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Run, dino, run...

The Raptor walking robot, developed by researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) can run at up to 46 km/h. He is therefore the fastest two-legged walking robot in the world. The robot design was based on the model of a velociraptor dinosaur. Raptor is just under 50 centimeters in height and weighs just 3 kilograms. He can balance him­self and jump over obstacles of up to 10 centimeters in height with ease. Each leg of the robot is driven by a brushless maxon motor. The drive systems consist of a high-performance EC-4pole 30, combined with a planetary gearhead GP 32 HP and an MR encoder. The controller consists of a maxon ESCON module 50/5. The robot was developed by Prof. SooHyun Kim, Prof. KyungSoo Kim, Prof. Daigil Lee, Dr. JongWon Park, Jinyi Lee and Jinwoo Lee.
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These robots crawl into every nook and cranny

It started as a project by two engineers who were close to retirement. Today, the modular inspection robots by Canadian company Inuktun are successfully in use all over the world.
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He is 4 years old and 1.40 meters tall, with a rather large head. He speaks fluent English and German. However, he can’t walk. He was last seen in Munich.
1069 robots
have broken a Guinness World Record set just last year for the "most robots dancing simultaneously" in China.

Morphological approaches in medical technology

Kenneth Hunt, Professor for Rehabilitation Engineering at Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, speaks about robotic devices for clinical rehabilitation.
Young Engineers Program
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Participating in an international robot competition

A students team from Tunisia designed and built a two wheeled robot for the EUROBOT competition.
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The Story of Paul - Premature Baby Simulator with maxon motors

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In search of a lost veteran

Researchers finally found a long lost submarine wreck – with the aid of an underwater robot.
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