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maxon motor 20.11.2017
Discover the maxon motor X program: Configure brushed and brushless DC motors online - easy and fast.……
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These robots crawl into every nook and cranny

It started as a project by two engineers who were close to retirement. Today, the modular inspection robots by Canadian company Inuktun are successfully in use all over the world.
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He is 4 years old and 1.40 meters tall, with a rather large head. He speaks fluent English and German. However, he can’t walk. He was last seen in Munich.
1069 robots
have broken a Guinness World Record set just last year for the "most robots dancing simultaneously" in China.
Guest Article
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Morphological approaches in medical technology

Kenneth Hunt, Professor for Rehabilitation Engineering at Bern University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, speaks about robotic devices for clinical rehabilitation.
Young Engineers Program
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Participating in an international robot competition

A students team from Tunisia designed and built a two wheeled robot for the EUROBOT competition.
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The Story of Paul - Premature Baby Simulator with maxon motors

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In search of a lost veteran

Researchers finally found a long lost submarine wreck – with the aid of an underwater robot.
Be polite to machines!
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Be polite to machines!

Machines refuse to serve people who treat them rudely. Prof. Dr. Birger P. Priddat about robots and machines, especially about artificial intelligence (AI), which is increasingly being incorporated in machines and is constantly becoming more advanced.
31 Million
robots helping in households worldwide by 2019, a report by the International Federation of Robotics says.
Hidden resources
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Hidden resources

The surface of the ocean conceals many secrets – unexplored depths and precious resources. To find resources, a Norwegian company has developed a technology for scanning the bottom of the ocean in greater detail.
1939 First appearance
The first humanoid robot was presented in 1939. Elektro could speak 700 words and was seven feet tall.
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The lifesaver

There are some situations where we wouldn’t mind being replaced by a robot.
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This arm lends a strong hand

A collaborative robot takes care of the heavy lifting.
Europe is searching for life on Mars
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Europe is searching for life on Mars

Was there once life on Mars? Or does it perhaps still exist under the surface? The ExoMars rover may hold the key to solving this great puzzle.
Expert Blog
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Axis coordination: Balancing modularization and integration

Learn more about finding the right balance between modularization and coordination.
Urs Kafader
Urs Kafader Head of Training at maxon
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