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maxon motor 20.11.2017
Discover the maxon motor X program: Configure brushed and brushless DC motors online - easy and fast.……
Young Engineers Program
Young Engineers Program483 views

For a precise descend of rockets

A Canadian team is participating in the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition.
Young Engineers Program
Young Engineers Program107 views

Participating in an international robot competition

A students team from Tunisia designed and built a two wheeled robot for the EUROBOT competition.
Young Engineers Program
Young Engineers Program1220 views

Engineers revolutionize the helicopter landing system

Helicopters hit their limits when faced with steep or uneven terrain. A group of engineering students aims to make this a thing of the past.
Young Engineers Program
Young Engineers Program1134 views

Active rear wheel steering

A formula student team from Germany wants to improve the handling and the overall driving stability of their race car.
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